7pcs RPG Full Dice Set - Candy Cane in Clear Cyan Resin

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  • Product ideas:
    Role playing games
  • Number of Items:
    7 pcs
  • Product list:
    1 D20
    1 D12
    1 D10
    1 D00
    1 D8
    1 D6
    1 D4
  • Brand:
    Flux Crafts
  • Product Colour:
  • Product type:
    RPG Dice set
  • Material type:
  • Product features:
    A red and white candy cane
  • Style name:
    Candy - White Font
  • Font Colour:
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    Category_Book & Game Accessories
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  • Colours:
    Colour_Clear, Colour_Blue
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    Roleplaying,Call of Cthulhu,Pathfinder,Magic the Gathering,Dungeon Master,DND Gifts,Gamer Gifts,Gaming Gifts,Plastic Dice,Birthday Dice,Christmas Dice,Dice Inclusions,Transparent Dice, Xmas, Glitter, Filled, Role Playing, D20, for DND, Dungeons and Dragons Flux Crafts
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A cute set of dice suitable for all tabletop role-playing games, each die combines a clear coloured resin with a small Christmas candy cane encased within for those adventurers that feel the need to bring the season along as a companion.
From D&D to Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu to Starfinder, and Characters to Games Masters, these dice will have you rolling belief checks. After all, these are not your non-believer's dice.
Guaranteed to keep your group jolly when they hit the table.
7 pcs are included, made up of a 20-sided (d20) dice, a 12-sided (d12) dice, a 10-sided (d10) dice, a percentage (d00) dice, a 8-sided (d8) dice, a 6-sided (d6) dice and a 4-sided (d4). Each die is cast from Cyan-coloured resin set with a red and white candy cane with glitter inclusions, finished with white font.

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