7pcs RPG Dice Set - Blue Cat Eye Gemstone

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  • Key dimensions:
    16 mm (D6)
  • Product ideas:
    Role playing games
  • Number of Items:
    7 pcs
  • Product list:
    1 D20
    1 D12
    1 D10
    1 D00
    1 D8
    1 D6
    1 D4
  • Brand:
    Flux Crafts
  • Product Colour:
  • Font Colour:
  • Material type:
  • Product features:
    Semi-precious carved stone
A listing for an alluring set of cat eye dice suitable for all manner of tabletop role playing games, each die is carved from a chrysoberyl specimen that features the rarer recognizable blue translucent crystalline structure that has captured so many in its unworldly visual that could be mistaken for the deep eyes of a dragon. From DND to Pathfinder, Characters to Games Masters these dice will have you rolling through the disconnected madness of an awakened mind. Guaranteed to keep eyes on them when they hit the table.
These dice are carved from a chrysoberyl stone, a mixture of aluminate of beryllium, which are responsible for the milk or honey like visual that it exhibits. The stone is often found in low temperature forming igneous rocks where there is a presence of beryllium. As each die is carved from a different stone, two will never be the same and you will recieve a set that is completely unique from any others.
Each set is given a blessing by both Seb and Sylwia here are Flux Crafts to help with your odds. The blessing features an 11th lvl bard's inspirational workshop and a 21 slide 15th lvl fighter's presentation on "Critting It to Hitting It". (DISCLAIMER: No guarantee dice blessing will improve your dice rolls. Results are randomised.)
Please see our store for more designs of a dice and gaming accessories. They make ideal gifts or simple bag/stocking fillers for the gamers in your life.
Dice only, other accessories demoed in the pictures are not included.

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