4pcs HB Wooden Pencils Rubber Tipped Fruit Designs

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    Art, Writing, School, Office, Home, Gifts
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  • Product list:
    1 Kiwi - Green
    1 Strawberry - Blue
    1 Pineapple - Yellow
    1 Watermelon - Pink
  • Product text:
    'Senior Writing Pencil'
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  • Product sub-type:
    Standard Pencil
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  • Pencil lead colour:
  • Material type:
    Wood - Plastic Coated
  • Product features:
    Rubber tipped
In this listing we present you with a fun 'Fruity' design to brighten your day and funk up your Stationery supplies with a nice range of colours and some more quirky pencils - Life should be fun and we think our products can help you with that!
This pack contains a set of 4 pencils - one of each design. You can also purchase specific pencils or packs for this design in our individual pencil listings.
Please see our store for a wide selection of pencils, which feature extra-refined, high density graphite encased in premium hard wood. They're ideal for professional or casual drawing, writing, or sketching and crafted with good quality materials. Our pencils are sturdy and will arrive not sharpened to allow you to adjust it according to your own needs. They're also great for simple bag filler/stocking fillers as well as wedding or party favours. Suitable for all genders and ages.
Pencils only, other accessories demo in the pictures are not included.

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