7pcs Miniature RPG Full Dice Set - Glitter in Black Acrylic

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  • Product ideas:
    Role playing games
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    7 pcs
  • Product list:
    1 D20
    1 D12
    1 D10
    1 D00
    1 D8
    1 D6
    1 D4
  • Brand:
    Flux Crafts
  • Product Colour:
  • Product type:
    RPG Dice set
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  • Product features:
    Miniature dice - D20 is just 12mm tall
  • Style name:
    Glitter Black - Gold Font
  • Font Colour:
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    Category_Book & Game Accessories
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    Roleplaying,Call of Cthulhu,Pathfinder,Magic the Gathering,Dungeon Master,DND Gifts,Gamer Gifts,Gaming Gifts,Plastic Dice,Birthday Dice,Mini Dice,Tiny Dice,Polyhedral, Small, Role Playing Games, D20, for DND, Dungeons and Dragons, Flux Crafts
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A MINIATURE dice set, as in small, really small. So small, in fact, they would be more suited to Gnomes, Halflings (Hobbits), Hormigite, Goblins, Kobolds, Porcein, Chitine and Half Giants with aspirations of the height variety.
Just be warned, a regular D20 is roughly 20 - 24mm tall, these are 12mm. They are perfect for sneaking into a pencil case, alchemist's pouch or that funny little pocket that you have above your pocket in a pair of jeans.
An eye-catching set of dice suitable for all tabletop role-playing games, each die has glitter mixed into its acrylic that catches the light as it rolls, adding a magical touch that even the most corrupt sorcerers could appreciate.
From D&D to Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu to Starfinder, and Characters to Games Masters, these dice will have you rolling in style. After all, these are not your familiar's dice. Guaranteed to turn heads when they hit the table.
7 pcs are included, made up of a 20-sided (d20) dice, a 12-sided (d12) dice, a 10-sided (d10) dice, a percentage (d00) dice, a 8-sided (d8) dice, a 6-sided (d6) dice and a 4-sided (d4). Each miniature die is cast from black-coloured acrylic and finished with gold font.

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