7pcs RPG Full Dice Set - Demon Eye in Clear Orange & Blue Resin

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  • Product ideas:
    Role playing games
  • Number of Items:
    7 pcs
  • Product list:
    1 D20
    1 D12
    1 D10
    1 D00
    1 D8
    1 D6
    1 D4
  • Brand:
    Flux Crafts
  • Product Colour:
  • Product type:
    RPG Dice set
  • Material type:
  • Product features:
    A demon eye inclusion
  • Style name:
    Pink & Blue Eye - Silver Font
  • Font Colour:
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    Category_Book & Game Accessories
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  • Paper Size:
    Colour_Orange, Colour_Purple
  • Colours:
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    Roleplaying,Call of Cthulhu,Pathfinder,Magic the Gathering,Dungeon Master,DND Gifts,Gamer Gifts,Gaming Gifts,Plastic Dice,Birthday Dice,Character Dice,Dice Inclusions,Purple Dice, Filled, Role Playing, D20, for DND, Dungeons and Dragons, Gifts Flux Crafts
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An all-seeing set of dice suitable for all tabletop role-playing games, each die combines a clear coloured resin with a small demon eye motif encased within for those warlocks that regularly find themselves in situations that can only be solved with a pact with an elder being.
From D&D to Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu to Starfinder, and Characters to Games Masters, these dice will have you rolling investigation checks for soul tethers. After all, these are not your fighter's dice..
Guaranteed to keep your group descending into the lower planes when they hit the table.
7 pcs are included, made up of a 20-sided (d20) dice, a 12-sided (d12) dice, a 10-sided (d10) dice, a percentage (d00) dice, a 8-sided (d8) dice, a 6-sided (d6) dice and a 4-sided (d4). Each die is cast from orange, blue ad purple coloured resin set with a demon eye inclusion and finished with silver font.

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